Rants and Observations

Nov. 12, 2020

Refusing to accept defeat is quite normal in the US and suprisingly common elsewhere.

Since Covid 19 we have been isolated in our rural home in Costa Rica.

Despite our best efforts to avoid it, we have been bombarded by the fanatical propaganda from both sides, regarding the US election.

In early chapters of my next book, I explained how in my days as a trainee monk, two Catholic American brothers taught us their unfamiliar sports. They also showed us how to foul professionally, undetected. If caught, we were to loudly claim innocence.

In a later chapter, I describe how the partners in our US headquartered consulting firm cheated to the extent of breaking laws and putting rival teams bus drivers at riusk of prosecution.

Later, some idiot appointed me as a team leader in some field sports for the partners. If we lost an event, I was expected to scream and shout, arguing with the referee. This was difficult for me.

Brought up in the UK, my state school taught the supposed standards of sportsmanship of the expensive schools of the British upper classes. Sport was a game. Accepting defeat gracefully was expected.

Later, I learned that reality at those schools was to be sneaky and always support the fellow members of the elite and "chums".

One of the advantages of lockdown is that it gives time for contemplation and research.

Here are some conclusions regarding refusal to accept defeat. Note that Sociopaths and narcissists are among the examples. Though also consider that in wars, in heart surgery and Wall St trading, behavoural scientists believe that these traits are an advantage in taking necessary risks.

In the case of elite military forces it can result in success. Think of the 101st US airborne troops. Their stand at Bastogne cost the Panzers any chance of success. Patton was a narcissist general. He refused to contemplate defeat.

In 480BC, heralded the stand of the Greeks at Thermopylae. This led to their deaths. It also resulted in the vanquishing of the much greater forces of Persia.

The Royal Marines taught us never to give in and to keep fighting. It is the norm among elite troops. Back in time, we were also told only to take prisoners if we needed information, "They slow you down and need careing for." 

Massacres by both sides in wars are common. This means that not surrendering may enhance the chances of survival. Those conducted by the winners or the dominant world powers are whitewashed.

General Custer was an Indian Killer and narcissist. His last stand was ill judged and useless, but spawned many off color jokes.

The victors decide when this behavior is fine and dandy and when not. In 1945, SS forces defended La Rochelle, till Admiral Karl Dönitz's  overall German surrender. The rest of France was liberated in 1944.  Their successful defense was not lauded.

This behavior and thinking seems prevalent in the leadership cadres of large businesses. Elon Musk and Richard Branson spring to mind.

 In poker bluffing with a terrible hand can result in success. This game is popular with the tough guys.

In general, many politicians refuse to accept defeat. In Belarus in 2020, power crazed Alexander Lukashenko is typical of many dictators worldwide. They ensure re-election with implausible majorities.

Not all those fighting to the last are malicious. The medical staff, stalwartly keeping hospitals going against all odds are an example. The medicos are hardly acting in for selfish motives, rather for the good of others.

In Vietnam, the image of self-immolating monk Thích Quảng Đức, determined to remain uptight as the flames consumed him. This electrified the US Peace movement may have shortened the War.

There is irony in some who held out against the odds. At the turn ofthe 19th Century, Victorian hero, Lord Baden Powell, held Ladysmith in South Africa against the Boers until relieved. He was wont to dress as woman whenever opportunity presented itself. Today that would be considered acceptable, but it was then.

He founded the global Boy Scout movement. He also liked to photograph naked schoolboys in the showers.

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, the dictator of Turkmenistan, has raised an 18 meter golden statue of his favorite dog. He is clearly barking mad.

Nov. 11, 2020






Back ground 

As a result of old age or a cocktail of too many medicines my mind wanders into words from the past. These are from books, old movies, family oral history, the World Wars, the Royal Marines, Travels and more.

They are in many tongues and dialects. They will mean little to most people. As presented they will be indecipherable overall.

Most of my words are obsolete or have changed meanings. A cool chick meant hot. Some come from the upper classes of old, as delivered by the early BBC and movies.

You may reasonable conclude that I have really gone loco.

The wonderful music Carmina Burana has been a long time favorite. It is written in many tongues, including bits of Latin, old German and more. It is unlikely that 1 in 10,000 follow the meaning. The music flows through it all.

It occurred to me that maybe the words, read correctly in the many necessary accents could do the same.

Alternative titles could be Babel  or Loco Poetry.

I just wrote the first part, but could write more, if I felt like it.


Carmina Burana

Ow do? tickety boo

Ow yer diddlin? Fair t’middlin

Pogue mahone  Arschloch.

Ich bevorzuge einen Liter Bock

Fair dinkum bloke

Stony broke

Crivvens or Jings?

Wisht! Cabbages and kings.

Dhobi Ghaut, Loofah, dum dum.

Avatar, Oo la la. Keep shtum

Konichiwa. Ni Hao Ma.

Ee’s brarn bread.

Strong inth arm thick in’thead.

Cheesed off. Tory Toff.

Wiers mi snap?

Rabbit Rabbit Yap yap

Tab 50 clicks.

Yomp to the chicks.

Nok for nå.

Lechyd da.


Nov. 9, 2020
-The markets were inefficient and did not discount a Biden win correctly.
-Corporates expect Biden to raise stimulus spending and thereby give them higher growth.
-They do not expect to pay more taxes under Biden or the market would be less effervescent!!!
-The USD has declined, making US stocks and oil more attractive/cheaper.
- Positive vaccine news is influencing many stocks in the hope of a rapid recovery, especially travel stocks.
- NASDAQ stocks that were seen as a safe haven, because they could borrow at zero, are now less interesting and are not following the booming other indices.
-Stocks are up, but less so.
-Investors in the UK, must see the UK surviving Brexit.
- Europe sees the same vaccine news and hopes for a return to slower growth than in the US.
FOR ALL- failure of vaccines, new strains of virus
For the UK-
-Stalling, or no trade deals with the EU and US.
-Return to violence over Northern Ireland.
For the EU-
-Internal difficulties, especially over freedom to cross borders for immigrants and complaints about the endless budget hikes remain an issue.
- Slower growth is expected, though happiness measures should be used rather than GDP growth.
In the UK
Boris would be a big liability in a distant election. We should think of a way more dangerous and capable Rishi Sunak, verses Sir Kier and die hard Corbynistas still squabbling.
Meantime, we are personally happy as we just took delivery of these cute little mink from Denmark.
Unfortunately two escaped already and my wife is feeling ill.
Nov. 7, 2020


So a little change is in the air.
This US drama will run for a little longer yet, to fuel the anger of some and the frustration of others.
Quite rightly, Biden will appeal for patience and calm. His rule could be stopped by many things, especially any valid legal challenge. Other changes sould result from a war, acts of terrorism and riot provoked by spooks from anywhere in the world, including the US, and crazies. There are millions of crazies in the US.
Unlikely that Trump will go before inauguration day, except so that President Pence could pardon he and his family.
With Biden, international pundits mainly expect a switch in tone.
Polls show that many primarily voted to get Trump out, but do not see Biden as a great candidate.
He and the Dems are very beholden to the richest of the rich in social media. Any measures to deal with them will be squashed at home and especially in international trade discussions.
Wealth distribution is unlikely to alter much. The grandees in the Dems are much more conservative than the left among the voters, hence the demise of Bernie and Warren.
We can expect a bigger stimulus package. This will weaken the dollar, but hopefully fund a decent healthcare for all and some welfare.
At least money will be somewhat diverted to the poor instead of corporations.
Hopefully, because Biden is hardly compos mentis, smart advisors and the VP will have a lot of sway. She is tough on law and order.
Internationally, Biden is expected to continue with the US's aggressive and rapacious resource based approach.
This requires building fear of China and Russia, extra judicial drone murders etc.
That continuity keeps the military industrial complex happy.
Sadly, this is a tiny step forward, but hardly a great leap to a better world.
Sep. 17, 2020


Warning- bad for the blood pressure of the religiously sensitive or indeed of anyone who is sensitive.


A beta reader pointed out that Aaron may think he is famous or preferably infamous, but few know who he is. Aaron Aalborg is the penname, or possibly schizophrenic alter-ego of a writer of subversive novels and blogs.

He offers a meagre sieve against hate mail. He is less likely to block surveillance and retribution from the forces of the state, spooks etc. So far his lack of fame is such that he is not deemed worthy of assassination. We are working on that.

The Bible according to Aaron- Stunning Revelations  


Aaron decided to write a new version of the bible. You may ask. ‘Why?’ He is a known atheist, cynic and the unholiest nonexistent person you could ever imagine. He argues that crazy people need reasons too. Of course, the more warped they are the better.

Aaron claims he is blessed. His parents blessed the day he left home.  It was a Tuesday. That will be the new Sabbath day.

 He was inspired by both the so called ‘Old’ and ‘New’ testaments as he describes below.

The Old Testament

“Many other people, real and fictitious,  have written parts of the various mainstream Bibles, so why should I be excluded?  Jewish scribes, probably on magic mushrooms, started with a creation myth that rivals those of any other ancient belief systems for improbability. (Seven days to make the universe? a creator who needs to rest? talking snakes? women made from ribs? magic apples? and so on).

As bored school-kids with raging hormones, we folded down the pages of the juicy bits in the Bible. All the best perversions are in there, from incest to onanism, a posh word for wanking. (Not to be confused with the Chinese City, whose denizens ought to be called wankers, but probably aren’t). This was a ‘mortal sin’ according to our Catholic priests. We were told it would make you blind. A friend said he would only keep one eye open, while enjoying his dad’s Playboy Magazine.

 “I’ll risk one eye”.

We bloodthirsty boys especially enjoyed all that Old Testament smiting. Biblical superheroes wielded sling-shots, asses’ jaw bones; the power to part the seas and to have walls fall down on trumpet blasts. The Assyrians were wiped out by early nerve gases. Wild!

A lot of begetting went on. The juicy details were missing, so we skipped that part.

Now, it could all be on the X-box. Angel killer-drones swoop down and blast the baddies. Cool!

Bonus points are scored when annoying or holier than thou folk get their just deserts. Turning nosey parkers into pillars of salt would be fun.

Being swallowed by a whale is one of many paranormal spectaculars. This could very much be blood spattered entertainment for the budding sociopaths of the 21st century. Someone should write the code.’

The New Testament

‘So on to what Christians call ‘the New Testament’- Now that really is a can of worms. It seems that an obscure Jewish sect decided the Messiah had arrived. They carried on with their Jewishness, keeping their Sabbath, circumcision, no pork and other peculiarities.

All was well until a Roman’s horse, scared by a lightning bolt, threw Paul of Tarsus onto his head with a bump. His resulting brain damage, sociopathic visions and conversations with god were unfortunate for the Jews.

Later the madness infected the Christians and had dire effects for the world as a whole.

Due to crazy Paul Christ, the Jew, suddenly morphed into a whitey. Jews became Christ killers, though the Romans did the executing. 

That reminds me of coughing on someone when carrying viruses. Washing your hands passes the blame.

Paul was not totally bonkers. Circumcision ended, to the relief of us boys. Pork, lobster and oysters were back on the menu. How could I have lived my life without them? You need something to go with the Bollinger.

Various Christian Bibles emerged from this chaos. They benefited from being written years after the supposed events.

This allowed all kinds of exciting nonsense to become fact. The writers created more great stories. It was all Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

Wicked, sexy women were in there, just the way I like them. The Old Testament’s Delilah was now rivalled by the irresistible Salome.  

According to Christian painters, the Messiah rarely left home without the Magdalene being in tow, to fulfill his every need. Being a messiah had its benefits.

The artists and their patrons found virgin matriarchs less arousing. Immaculate conception made good copy, but what fun did Joseph get. He likely onanized himself silly behind the workshop.

Other entertainment for us lads was laid on by Herod the Great slaughtering innocents. This tradition is carried on to this day and on a vastly greater scale, by the Armed Forces of the US, its allies and its less powerful rivals.

The treatment of Christian Martyrs was graphically explained in the Bible and subsequent ‘Lives of the Saints’. They read those to us as we ate our lunches.

The entitled brat and self-righteous Daniel escaped his deserved fate with the lions. The Romans were less easily foiled. They, and we boys, were greatly entertained by the bloody deaths in the arena. When dragged off to see the movie, Quo Vadis, we cheered each Christan's death, from the safety of the darkened cinema.

Fanatical Jesuits decided to convert the Natives in the Americas. Their stories provided us with splendid lunchtime entertainment. They were scalped; pegged out for the ants, covered in honey; or skinned alive.

We imagined ourselves doing the same to our monks. Perhaps there could be justice? 

There are so many versions of the New Testament

‘Various ‘Christian’ Roman Emperors called on their bishops, usually relatives, to eliminate anything threatening their rule. Out went some cool gospels like that of Thomas and that of Magdalen.

John Wycliffe was the first to try an English Bible. He spent his life translating texts from Hebrew, Greek and Coptic.

His assistant was called Purvey. One wonders if that meant pervert in Chaucer’s day? A fitting name for a Catholic priest right up to today.  It certainly suited some of the monks teaching us. I was saved from their worst attentions by being rather ugly.

All Wycliffe’s works were suppressed after his death.

The King Jame’s Bible

King James was the sixth King James of Scotland and later the first of England.

English protestants with the requisite royal bloodline ran out, after the death of Elizabeth the first.  

James was a nasty, slobbering, evil little man. He could easily be the President of somewhere, if alive today.

Mum was a murderess and worse a Catholic. He was brought up without love and in constant fear of his life by politicos. So what could you expect?

He oversaw the murder of over 4,000 ‘witches’ in Scotland alone. On occasion, he personally supervised their torture and interrogation.

The book he did write himself, Daemonologie, led to two centuries of old women and healers being tortured, drowned or burnt in Britain.

He believed in the Divine Right of Kings to rule at his will. He ennobled and favored his gay lovers. Gay is fine today, but was anathema then. Though it is not mentioned as a sin in the various bibles.

The book he did not write was the so called ‘King James Bible’. Ghost writers there were aplenty. Maybe the Holy Ghost helped?

Guess who the ghosties relied on? The Wycliffe Bible. Why bother with original research when someone had done all the work?

So this plagiarized bible, altered by printers who changed bits to suit their process, became the standard for millions, totally ignorant of its genesis. This does not refer to the Genesis in the creation myth.’

The Bible According to Aaron

‘Taking a cue from Bad king Jimmy I have decided to have others do all the work. Sooo:

I need disciples. You can call yourself volunteers if you prefer.

 As an enticement I hereby grant you all indulgences. You can be as bad as you like all every day, as long as you confess at the end of the week. Or just send me a few grand if confession is too tedious. Yes I know that has all been done before.’

A few words of guidance are in order.

Perhaps we need the Pope on board.Otherwise, he will write a papal bull, full of BS.

Please include something to the effect that it is god's will to collect all the money from the poor and then to spend it on big churches, getting fat and stashing the rest in the Vatican bank. That idea could snag some evangelical support too.

Perhaps you could add that pedophilia is a sin, unless it is the priests doing it. Some reference to the Pope being infallible should clinch the deal.

To win over the Americans, we need to say that Christ was definitely white. Slavery was good for the economy. Smiting foreigners to steal their minerals is every patriotic American’s right. It can be fun too, like a real video game, especially if you are safe in a bunker in Texas.

Perhaps include the last two as commandments 11 and 12. Oh, and ditch the sixth. Why have commandments that no one keeps?

I’ll leave whether to include a chapter on snake handling up to you. Do they read books?

A section on Blessed Elon Musk could buy us some useful Wall Street support. Maybe place heaven on Mars and send him and the politicians there as fast as possible.

Tell them there will be underage sex partners aplenty all wanting to be sister wives. That should get the senior Democrats and Republicans behind our Bible.’

The poor Palestinians have suffered long enough. Please include something giving them right to a separate country and megabucks in compensation. Perhaps Texans could be removed to give them a home.'

The Medium is the Message

‘It seems that bible scholars are impressed by old flaky scrolls dug out of Israeli deserts in pots. Some hitherto unknown script might impress too. Please organize the best forgers and ensure the discovery of my new Bible in some archeological dig.

That should do for now.

Go forth and write! I’ll be away having a few hundred Martinis till you are done. No need for proofs, just forward the royalties.