Rants and Observations

Jan. 1, 2020

2020!  What will it Bring? 

Many friends suffered terribly from being human in 2019: Illnesses, deaths, disappointments. 

Others take on the world's wars, starving masses, environmental pollution and political mess as their personal woes. I do that up to a point. We all contribute to these things in one way or another and blame others.

Today, we arose to another tropical sunrise and our garden. In 2020, we will enjoy every day and accept the sure knowledge that the worst will happen, not in a time of our choosing or under our control.



Dec. 29, 2019

Just read a prizewinning novel by an Indian. It reveals an India that those of us who have merely visited or run businesses there can never see. A wonderful book and really well written.

Previous insights into this world came from Shantaram, written by an Australian, hiding among the poorest of the poor.
Both are brilliant reads and great antidotes to the lying propaganda from the Indian Government and what tourists think they see.
Nov. 3, 2019

Veggie burgers. It’s complicated.In NewYork, we were horrified by the vast amounts of meat consumed. Wherever we went, 10-ounce steaks and meat three times a day were normal.

Many New Yorkers seek to assuage their consciences by having the occasional vegan meal. They do love their burgers, dripping with animal juices and blood. So,the veggie burger market is growing at 15% compound, complete with fake texture and beetroot blood.

Now the meat industry is striking back.

Supposedly independent research institutes list the chemicals and other bad things about veggie burgers. They then buy full-page ads in the papers with their propaganda.

We tried a couple of veggie burgers. Both were horrible. Why not just have a veggie curry or some other recipe?

We are omnivores, but US excess and cultural food imperialism is harming our habitat.

Nov. 1, 2019

Poor Greta is doomed to burst with frustration. Two weeks in Westchester County NY convinced me that if humanity has the power to destroy itself, it will happen.

The TV and social media were full of ads for SUVs. Because the US has huge tariffs on their import, they are the most profitable. Everyone we know seems to have one.

 Shopping is almost possible without single use food containers and excessive packaging. Eating requires disposable everything. Little is recycled.

Retailing is being replaced with oversized packages from Amazon. Uber and others are delivering meals to every door.

Gas guzzling blowers whisk the leaves next door. Their gardeners blow them back.


Oct. 9, 2019

Mostly, school was awful-

Our teachers beat us. We rebels were chastised the most. 

The French teacher whacked us with a sports shoe. For every mistake in homework, he deducted a half point from ten. Minus scores, like mine, resulted in a visit to our sadistic headmaster for a caning. Result-I Loathed French and was caned weekly.

When you retire to a foreign country. You have choices. You can mix solely with English speakers and attempt to transform your area into little Florida or Texas. You can socialise with the like minded and eat, play games and live as you did back home.

We decided to learn Spanish.  I am slow at learning languages, especially when the teacher is interesting and or attractive. However, we have discovered the joy of sharing cultures, intelligent conversation and friendship.

We take invididual classes, not wanting to learn the mistakes and grating mispronunciation of others. We have no desire to hear the same political views and moans we heard in the USA. 

Over the years, we had 5 different, local teachers. We are good friends with 4. We socialise with their families.  This has opened insights into a new world. We feel at home.