Rants and Observations

Mar. 17, 2020

People have got it all wrong.
I don’t have an electron microscope, but the images of corona virus show a cute green ball with sucker like projections.
It’s a lifeform folks. We comprise a collection of living cells. We are walking reefs, teeming with life. Some invisible enemies attack us. Others help digest our food or protect our skin against attack.
Species discrimination is not politically correct. How dare some try and eliminate or restrict a lifeform?
Mar. 16, 2020

There will be no return to what we thought was 'Normal'.

Maybe that is a good thing? Self-isolating makes you reassess what is important. We valued: freedom to travel; to buy computers, clothes, fancy foods; eat out; socialize and more.

We are reliant on the internet for so much, especially when isolated. It too may be threatened. We could be cut off in isolation.

We reflect on how innessential much of our activity and spending was. Maybe for many and for the environment this reassessment will be a good thing.

Today, the saddest thing for me was not preparing a good breakfast and lunch for the two people who work for us. In the past, it seemed to be a chore, but it made me feel good to treat them well and with respect. For now, we are paying them to buy their own. It is unsafe for us to be in close contact with them.



Mar. 15, 2020

We live in a strange world.

The illusions become weirder with my medications.

Today I awoke from a vivid dream, so graphically realistic that maybe awakening is the dream.

A nun, dressed in the usual flapping penguin costume, entered my circle of light. I was lolling on a chaise long. It seemed to be in Louis XV style. She carried a strangely shaped cushion in her outstretched arms. It was covered in light brown silk. I was immediately erotically attracted to it, but extremely concerned that I might scratch the silk as she handed it to me.

I waited lustfully till she retreated into the surrounding blackness. As I excitedly prepared to do whatever one might do with it, which was unclear, I awoke. Frustrated I surveyed the cushions on the sofa. None seemed even slightly attractive.

In my waking world, Simone the Parrot seems to be considering Catholicism. After her breakfast she likes to watch her favorite TV shows. She prefers cartoons about teddy bears, Poco Yo narrated by Stephen Fry and dancing pink elephants. We have to avoid anything with nasty wolves, sharks and cats, or she squawks the house down.

Today Netflix was not working on her TV, so the Sunday religious programs were on. We assumed she would be bored. Wrong! She seemed mesmerized by the green vestments and hand gestures of the priest. He led the ceremony in a baroque church full of gilded statues and singing devotees. Maybe we should book her some catechism lessons.

Mar. 14, 2020
It's three in the morning.
Green flashing around the ceiling drags me from the deepest sleep.
My brain slowly engages. Aha a firefly!
It glimmers, lost in a weird alien world.
No concealing vegetation. No insects and especially no females.
Still desperately flashes for a mate.
How similar to our own existence in the artificial world created by our kind.
Is a bed natural?
Are we all equally lost, desperate and doomed to die alone?
Mar. 14, 2020


The virus may kill fewer than the usual causes of death, But the panic is real. 
China will more rapidly eclipse the US as a result of the virus.  
Because China, Vietnam, Singapore, S. Korea, Japan and Taiwan have cultures where the people act for the collective good when told, East Asia will  bounce back economically faster and stronger than the self centred cultures of the west. This may variously be due to centuries of obeying authority, Confucian values or dictatorial powers. 
Recovery in the US and some European economies will be slow, due to the need to rebuild wealth over consumption and travel. This will slow recovery in countries dependent on exports to the US and tourism.
  Restructuring supply chains and manufacturing centers will take a while  
The US policy of ensuring a disunited and weaker Europe that cannot challenge its imperial dominance will at least partly succeed, due to the way Trump is acting. The other part is the inability to dictate to those europeans who think freedom to do as they want is important.
The forces working for the break up of the EU will be stronger. The local interests of many European countries are prevailing over the EU's ability to dictate or stop the panic or virus. Those in stronger economies are increasingly less keen to bail out the weak ones.
Countries with high indebtedness will default and devalue. They usually do.
There will be huge unemployment and bankrupcies in economies dependent on tourism. 
Individuals and companies with loans and negative net worth will default. Reposessions of houses, cars, business assets and planes will drive down asset prices and increase unemployment.
Countries with rigidity in labour markets, high personal and state debt, overvalued currencies, corruption and nepotism will really suffer and recovery will be slow. Costa Rica is one such.
Stay safe and well.