Nov. 15, 2020

A Carmina Burana of a Poem

Inspired by the Music of Carmina Burana.




Lockdown and my cocktail of medicines are bringing to mind words from: my family history; grandparents, maybe passed down from theirs, in Victorian times; two world wars; old movies; school; reading; the media; international travel; and more. There are different dialects, languages and accents. Each word has meaning for me, but likely for few readers.

The choral masterpiece, Carmina Burana, is written in tongues most will not understand, they just wash over 99%+

Of those listening.

I wrote a patchwork quilt poem, a babel with the same intent. The sounds read correctly are the meaning.


Carmina Burana


Ow do? tickety boo

Ow yer diddlin? Fair t’middlin

Pogue mahone  Arschloch.

Ich bevorzuge einen Liter Bock

Fair dinkum bloke

Stony broke

Crivvens or Jings?

Wisht. Cabbages and kings.

Dhobi Ghaut, Loofah, dum dum.

Avatar, Oo la la. Keep shtum

Konichiwa. Ni Hao Ma.

Ee’s brarn bread.

Strong inth arm thick in’thead.

Cheesed off. Tory Toff.

Wiers mi snap?

Rabbit Rabbit Yap yap

Tab 50 clicks.

Yomp to the chicks.

Nok for nå.

Lechyd da