Nov. 11, 2020







Back ground 

As a result of old age or a cocktail of too many medicines my mind wanders into words from the past. These are from books, old movies, family oral history, the World Wars, the Royal Marines, Travels and more.

They are in many tongues and dialects. They will mean little to most people. As presented they will be indecipherable overall.

Most of my words are obsolete or have changed meanings. A cool chick meant hot. Some come from the upper classes of old, as delivered by the early BBC and movies.

You may reasonable conclude that I have really gone loco.

The wonderful music Carmina Burana has been a long time favorite. It is written in many tongues, including bits of Latin, old German and more. It is unlikely that 1 in 10,000 follow the meaning. The music flows through it all.

It occurred to me that maybe the words, read correctly in the many necessary accents could do the same.

Alternative titles could be Babel  or Loco Poetry.

I just wrote the first part, but could write more, if I felt like it.


Carmina Burana

Ow do? tickety boo

Ow yer diddlin? Fair t’middlin

Pogue mahone  Arschloch.

Ich bevorzuge einen Liter Bock

Fair dinkum bloke

Stony broke

Crivvens or Jings?

Wisht! Cabbages and kings.

Dhobi Ghaut, Loofah, dum dum.

Avatar, Oo la la. Keep shtum

Konichiwa. Ni Hao Ma.

Ee’s brarn bread.

Strong inth arm thick in’thead.

Cheesed off. Tory Toff.

Wiers mi snap?

Rabbit Rabbit Yap yap

Tab 50 clicks.

Yomp to the chicks.

Nok for nå.

Lechyd da.