Nov. 7, 2020



So a little change is in the air.
This US drama will run for a little longer yet, to fuel the anger of some and the frustration of others.
Quite rightly, Biden will appeal for patience and calm. His rule could be stopped by many things, especially any valid legal challenge. Other changes sould result from a war, acts of terrorism and riot provoked by spooks from anywhere in the world, including the US, and crazies. There are millions of crazies in the US.
Unlikely that Trump will go before inauguration day, except so that President Pence could pardon he and his family.
With Biden, international pundits mainly expect a switch in tone.
Polls show that many primarily voted to get Trump out, but do not see Biden as a great candidate.
He and the Dems are very beholden to the richest of the rich in social media. Any measures to deal with them will be squashed at home and especially in international trade discussions.
Wealth distribution is unlikely to alter much. The grandees in the Dems are much more conservative than the left among the voters, hence the demise of Bernie and Warren.
We can expect a bigger stimulus package. This will weaken the dollar, but hopefully fund a decent healthcare for all and some welfare.
At least money will be somewhat diverted to the poor instead of corporations.
Hopefully, because Biden is hardly compos mentis, smart advisors and the VP will have a lot of sway. She is tough on law and order.
Internationally, Biden is expected to continue with the US's aggressive and rapacious resource based approach.
This requires building fear of China and Russia, extra judicial drone murders etc.
That continuity keeps the military industrial complex happy.
Sadly, this is a tiny step forward, but hardly a great leap to a better world.