Sep. 10, 2020


There is war between cyclists and motorists.
The Picture in the Daily Mail prompted this.
It is 40 years since I rode a bicyle. Despite modern men's saddles in the gym, they crush one's dangly bits.
Riding on the roads is dangerous, especially in countries where (other) people are atrocious drivers like Costa Rica. Perhaps only men who like their privates crushed and cannot afford dungeon prices, the poor heading for work and heroic women ride.
The Pandemic and climate change have bred a new generation of fanatical dicers with death. Many seem to think they are in the Tour de France. Riding in huge pelatons on single lane roads with double lines down the centre is normal.
Others ride two or more abreast, enjoying the long line of frustrated drivers behind. This must produce fumes and low mileage, with a negative impact on the environment.
Some speed down hills at up to 70 km an hour, passing vehicles first on the inside and then the outside.
Helmet cameras and aggressive attitudes are spreading. The priciest bikes secrete electric motors. They are made with precious materials and therefore may not be as green as they seem.
It is about time existing laws were enforced for bicycles. Some new ones might be in order too. An example might be that any two bikes should leave room for an over taking car before the next two. Overtaking cars on double centre lines should have the same rules as overtaking bicycles for cars. Speed limits seem a good idea too.