Sep. 10, 2020


Costa Rican Teletica canal 7 has led it's newscasts with 15 minutes plus on the likely rape and murder of one young woman for many days.
Many other deaths, and recently the pandemic news are sidelined.
This raises the question of why certain news items are selected as important to viewers/readers?
The theme in this case seems to be the rights of women to be free from harassment and violence. Sadly, both are common internationally and have escalated during the pandemic restrictions. This elevates one story as a symbol and issue of wider interest.
Other current popular themes internationally are those which expose the suffering and rights of minorities. Political propaganda is also popular.
Themes that are less easy to comprehend include: the adulation and interest in the doings of the mega rich, social influencers, celebs and royals. Obsessions around space travel and exploration is another set.
Maybe these are distractions from either boring lives or the difficulty of accepting that political systems are broken and therefore, fixing important issues for this planet is unlikely.