Sep. 1, 2020


You can never know exactly what it is to be another person.
Others may have experiences that fuel their opinions. Unless their views break the law, then they are entitled to express them, without bullying, even if we might disagree.
Like all of us, my ancestors likely came from Africa. They probably bonked a few Neanderthals too. My wife says there is still much of that in me. I am at least 25% Irish and 12.5% Scottish.
Due to family oral history and my personal experiences across the world over 7 decades. I support the break-up of the UK, including Independence for Scotland and unification for Ireland, if and only if that is what the majority in those places want it.
People would laugh at me if I claimed to be Irish or Scottish. Some may nod, knowingly, if I claimed to be Neanderthal. So, why do some mixed race people, especially in politics or the business of social influencing, claim to be black, Native American, Irish or whatever, when they have parents and ancestors from other origins and are at most 50% and often much less?
Some may have characteristics or experiences that cause them to suffer discrimination. Others do not. Some are playing their cards for profit or political purposes. That is toxicaly divisive, but must work or they would not do it.
My genes are XY. I don’t feel gay or transgender. I have empathy with those that are.
It is good to accept the sufferings of present and past slaves and persecuted minorities. No one, including descendants of slaves, can really know how just bad it was.
Equally, no one can know exactly how any discrimination faced by others feels.
Family and experience create understanding. No one who was not part of it can fully understand what it was like to be brought up in the UK post war baby boom.
The young and old need to share experiences and ideas.
Alcoholism is in my family mix. Various unfortunate relatives have fought and dealt with it. Luckily it bypassed me, though I like a drink when health permits.
Obesity is another family curse that skipped by some of us. As well as drug addiction, these are problems needing solutions rather than blaming individuals.
My family has no distinguished ancestors, only exploited peasants, working class folk and at least one petty criminal. So, the entitled and privileged Woke are particularly irritating.
Maybe some genuinely think their claims show solidarity. Perhaps others define themselves because it is cool and to gain popularity in social media?
It is especially galling when the self proclaimed woke lead showily exploitative lifestyles. Then they make media gestures, momentarily posing with those who really suffer from discrimination. It is all very sad.