Aug. 29, 2020


This week the masses were diverted from their concerns.


Mad scientist, Elon Musk revealed the first step into turning a poor pig into a cyborg. Maybe he will populate Mars with swine. Neither he nor anyone else can escape the inexorable march towards death.

Costa Rica is suffering proportionally more Covid 19 cases per, million people than panicking France and many other countries.

Floods, earthquakes, landslides and occasional volcanic erruptions here wreck the flimsy houses and destroy the meager possessions of the poor, killing some.

The relatively wealthier suffer minor irritations from nature. Our electronic gate control suffered its annual and expensive failure. Causes in previous years included: rain, humidity and a poor mouse that gnawed the wires. It electrocuted itself in the control box.

This year, it was an ant colony. The box offered a relatively dry and protected nesting site. Their sisterhood burnt out the electronics with their excrescences.

From Dust You Came and To Dust You Shall Return

Some suffer more than others on the way.