Aug. 5, 2020

Tragedy in the Lebanon

Ammonium Nitrate and Me.

I am Feeling sorry for the people. The country has been destabilised and  devastated by interference from the empire builders and exploitative nations.

They cry crocodile tears and send a few planes of aid each. What if they spent the money from their armed interventions and weaponry on helping?

The tragedy raised a memory- The lad next door was about 5 years older than me in the early 1960s. He showed me how not to make a pipe bomb with copper tube, freely available Ammonium Nitrate from the garden shop and a leavening of sugar.
First you cut a length of copper pipe. Next you hammered over one end. Then you drilled a hole in the middle to light it. You poured in the granular mix of nitrate and sugar and hammered over the other end. Pouring a trail of the mixture leading to the hole you then lit a match. Simple!
Something went wrong. The bomb exploded in his hand, without a match. It blew off three of his fingers. The blast and shards of copper smashed most of his dad's greenhouse windows.