Jun. 23, 2020



Wars are caused by-




  1. Elites wanting to spread their power and build wealth. Imperialist behavior over the centuries has many examples.
  2. Clashes between cultures. Christians, Muslims and Jews in the Middle East are a good example.
  3. Motivations of greed or survival lead to seizing scarce resources, land, water and minerals.

Often all are combined. Propaganda from those who benefit herds the masses to war.

The now lost global economy had some benefits-

In times and places where there was free trade between cultures and nations the common interest in commerce led to greater tolerance and knowledge of different groups. Tourism also supported this.  Jews, Christians and Muslims interacted in trade centers along the silk-routes. They rubbed along due to their common desire to prosper.

All change-

Since the recent collapse of world trade and globalization, we see greater, nationalism, isolationism and intolerance.

Enclaves of refugees and economic migrants with radically different socialization and without integration into the host societies is leading to escalating internal conflicts. 

The US and China-

Both the US and China have nasty regimes in their home countries.

The US seeks to promote its world dominance through bases, war and sanctions.

The Chinese are more interested in trade rather than exporting their regime. The picture shows US military bases around China. The Chinese have none near the US.

These changes and US threats to China make wars and intolerance more likely.