Jun. 14, 2020


FB was driving me crazy.
You see a post against racism and click 'like', Maybe you write a response.
An acquaintance sends a pic of their cute kid.
You 'Like' out of courtesy.
Thousands more pics follow.
Some idiot is telling people now is a great time to move your money to Costa Rica, at a time the country speeds towards bankruptcy in the midst of a pandemic.
You disagree.
You see a post about saving the planet.
Great idea! How?
One post purports to be about history you are interested in. A person you don’t know comments on politics and you agree or disagree. Hundreds of others comment on that.
Another person sends you an interesting post about a country you have been to.
Before you know it, you are inundated by hundreds of posts on the same themes. Many with dozens of opinions or ideas you agree or disagree with. Some are abusive.
You get tired of same ole, same ole, so you just zip past them.
The numbers grow and grow. Eventually, skipping them takes too much time.
Finally, you click on the three black dots on the top right of each post.
Without being asked, you are following all these sites/people.
Phew what a relief, when you just unfollow them all.