Mar. 27, 2020

EXISTENTIAL QUESTIONS- We all hope things don't get this bad.

If you are retired, weak or no one wants what you can do anymore, you need to worry. 

Positive answers to these questions may mean you have a chance:

 - How much, if at all, do I want to survive?

 - This could depend on, Am I armed and willing to kill to live?

 - Am I willing to steal from others?

Can I evoke sympathy or fear in others? If things get really bad, children, the old and lovers are abandoned.

Do I possess something that others want enough to feed and protect me? Money, gold and other such only have a value till people stop believing in them.

-Will my money have value, when governments just print more?

Until faced with a real situation none of knows whether out theoretical answers are true. Suicide might be tempting.

The animal kingdom is instructive. The crippled old and weak are cannibalized or abandoned. 

In extremis, survivors behave like animals.  

Would your answer to desiring survival change, if the world were run by hyenas? 

Maybe it already is?

Every Troy has its Kassandra and every Hundred Acre Wood its Eeyore? That’s me.