Mar. 25, 2020


The highlight of our today was that we walked around our garden and wilderness, about a kilometer. We chatted to our Tica friend and neighbor over the fence. She is also self-isolating.

We agreed that on our forthcoming birthdays we will set up a table and chairs our side of the wire and toast each other. Her close friend lives about 2 kilometers away. She has covid19 after visiting Las Vegas.There are several cases in that family at different stages of development. The first to show symptoms was abuelo, grandfather. Of course, everyone went to see that he was OK.. 
Some gringo neighbors are out and about. This  may echo the issue that freedom of the individual is more important for some than care for the community.  
We live in rural tranquility-  Very few homes are visible from the edges of our place. It is even quieter than usual. No planes fly above. There is very little road traffic. 
Ivy is worried.  I listened, wondering what new planet shaking catastrophe was happening. A rufous-naped-wren is building a nest too visibly in a tree. It will likely be raided by our piratical brown jays or toucans. Other earth shattering events dominate our daily lives. A Caribbean fish stew, with a remarkable lack of fish caused a long lasting dispute. 
Male and female roles persist. As I am designed by evolution to hunt down wild boar, woolly mammoths and provide such for the table. Today, I killed and cut-up an especially tough-skinned, pumpkin-like vegetable, my workout. Ivy is designed to have her early morning cup of tea in bed and hours in the bathroom before her mornings begin.
Doing our own housecleaning is a new experience. I get great satisfaction from cleaning the bathroom and toilet better than it was ever done before. Not to boast, but it is better than any bathroom anywhere in the universe was ever cleaned. The flesh from my hands dissolves with the  powerful chemicals
La Negrita
This is a predominantly Catholic country. Annually, pilgrims walk from all over the country, dicing with death on dual carriageways. On their knees,
 they climb the rocky path to the church in original capitol of Cartago. If they drip blood, they are doing it properly.
From the 'Tico Times'. "According to Catholic Church documents and popular lore, the icon of La Negrita, a 20-centimeter dark colored stone statue of mother and child representing the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus, appeared to a woman of African descent – a parda/a or free black person – in 1635.  The woman decided to go to the local Catholic priest. The icon was placed in the church, but it kept reappearing to the woman in its original place. After the icon appeared to the woman three times in this way, the priest commissioned a church to be built for the icon on the spot where she was found. The Catholic Bishop later, in about 1637, established La Confradia, a lay organization of free Blacks charged with maintaining and venerating the icon."
One annual ceremony is dressing this crude lump of stone in a wee hat. Due to the pandemic, the clergy decided to fly it around the country, first in a plane and then by popular demand in a helicopter. Devotees flashed mirrors in the sunlight from the mountain townships to gain grace.
We missed the chance. This is likely why god has decided to threaten our rufous-naped-wrens and deprive me of fish in the stew. On mother's day, we noticed the second visitation, due to more flashing mirrors.  I am always ready to flash. I could see no helicopter. Maybe the divine son gifted self-propulsion to mum?