Mar. 16, 2020


There will be no return to what we thought was 'Normal'.

Maybe that is a good thing? Self-isolating makes you reassess what is important. We valued: freedom to travel; to buy computers, clothes, fancy foods; eat out; socialize and more.

We are reliant on the internet for so much, especially when isolated. It too may be threatened. We could be cut off in isolation.

We reflect on how innessential much of our activity and spending was. Maybe for many and for the environment this reassessment will be a good thing.

Today, the saddest thing for me was not preparing a good breakfast and lunch for the two people who work for us. In the past, it seemed to be a chore, but it made me feel good to treat them well and with respect. For now, we are paying them to buy their own. It is unsafe for us to be in close contact with them.