Nov. 3, 2019


Veggie burgers. It’s complicated.In NewYork, we were horrified by the vast amounts of meat consumed. Wherever we went, 10-ounce steaks and meat three times a day were normal.

Many New Yorkers seek to assuage their consciences by having the occasional vegan meal. They do love their burgers, dripping with animal juices and blood. So,the veggie burger market is growing at 15% compound, complete with fake texture and beetroot blood.

Now the meat industry is striking back.

Supposedly independent research institutes list the chemicals and other bad things about veggie burgers. They then buy full-page ads in the papers with their propaganda.

We tried a couple of veggie burgers. Both were horrible. Why not just have a veggie curry or some other recipe?

We are omnivores, but US excess and cultural food imperialism is harming our habitat.