Oct. 9, 2019


Mostly, school was awful-

Our teachers beat us. We rebels were chastised the most. 

The French teacher whacked us with a sports shoe. For every mistake in homework, he deducted a half point from ten. Minus scores, like mine, resulted in a visit to our sadistic headmaster for a caning. Result-I Loathed French and was caned weekly.

When you retire to a foreign country. You have choices. You can mix solely with English speakers and attempt to transform your area into little Florida or Texas. You can socialise with the like minded and eat, play games and live as you did back home.

We decided to learn Spanish.  I am slow at learning languages, especially when the teacher is interesting and or attractive. However, we have discovered the joy of sharing cultures, intelligent conversation and friendship.

We take invididual classes, not wanting to learn the mistakes and grating mispronunciation of others. We have no desire to hear the same political views and moans we heard in the USA. 

Over the years, we had 5 different, local teachers. We are good friends with 4. We socialise with their families.  This has opened insights into a new world. We feel at home.