Jul. 13, 2019


In agreement with Samuel Johnson’s, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”, sign me up for euthanasia.

We struggled there for a few days, suffering from nasty bronchitis, gasping and croaking around Mayfair. Ivy went shopping and meeting her friends around Oxford Street. It was thronged with people from all over the world.

Visiting the area around Carnaby Street, I had wandered into some future dimension. My apparent invisibility saved me. There had obviously been a cull of all people over 55. The young were into expensive fashions, eating tofu and speaking into their coms-devices. They had lost the power of speaking to each other. Other escapees from the cull were to be found in art galleries and Fortnum and Mason.

Wandering around Old Bond Street and the Burlington Arcade, revealed the depths of decadence and unnecessary consumption of modern Londoners. Jewellery for multi-millionaires and fashions for the uber rich were everywhere. No wonder the people in the North and Scotland have nothing in common with those here.

The workers, from Eastern Europe, are rebuilding the west end. They eat their sandwiches in the grand squares. Doorways host beggars. Romanians and North Africans have replaced the traditional ex-servicemen and mentally ill. The contrast with the parades of throbbing gold-plated Ferraris, Lamborghinis and McLarens is disgusting.

Friends dined with me in a vast eatery owned by a well-known Russian oligarch. It was opposite our hotel. At night, there were hundreds of tough looking Russians around the street outside. Why is anyone worried about the threat of Putin? His hard men are already here.

Our London friends all want to remain in Europe. They are champagne socialists with pricey houses and fat pensions. My view is that a wall should be built round London. It should be seceded to the highest bidder. The EU, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China and the US might all bid.

The money could be spent on the cash starved, newly independent countries of the former UK. Unfortunately, the Saudis, the EU and oligarchs already seem to own the place.