Jun. 7, 2019

Social media cannot report real journalists.


News about plastic and more
Real Journalism is not replaced by social media after all. From today's UK Times.
1. The much heralded compostable plastic cutlery and fast food containers and cups, need industrial composting systems and would take many years if you put it in your garden compost. Worse, most local authorities do not have suitable equipment, so it will go to landfill.re is also a concern that it will encourage the ignorant to toss it onto the streets.
2. A new tire, being developed and coming in the next five years, is filled with a type of fibre glass. It is tougher, cannot puncture, has better grip, lasts longer and is cheaper to make. There go more jobs, reduced need for rubber plantations and an end to dangerous blowouts. I read this whilst waiting an hour and a half for a puncture repair. Maybe sales of the Times will decline a little too?
3. A columnist was describing a snobby relative. The man looked at the crowd at the horse races and said, "I bet a third of the people here don't know the date of the treaty of Westphalia.' (I do- 1648. I must be a snob too).