Mar. 22, 2019


Be careful! Writing can change your life Part 1

When in a youth drama group, I learnt method acting.  Essentially, you put yourself in the place of the character and try to become that person. If you are doing it well, it spills over into daily life. The power of the approach came to me when I wanted to be the snarling, lycanthropic Duke of Amalfi in Webster’s play. I can still do lots of snarling and have even been known to bay the moon.

It is likely that the approach works by neuroplasticity, changing the neurological pathways in our brains. There may well be long term effects.

Well-practiced method acting can confuse polygraphs. You believe in the truth you have learnt.

About the time I adopted the pseudonym Aaron Aalborg, I began to apply the approach to writing. It is ‘method writing’, if you will.

The result was that I was developing multiple personalities. They varied according to the nature of my characters. One that is more stable is the personality of Aaron himself. He has crazy ideas.

So far, Aaron is restrained from acting on most of them by getting them into the text. Writing is therapy for what may be dangerous psychological disorder.