Jan. 23, 2019

A Nightnare

I awoke in a cold sweat this morning. Reality seemed so much less real than the dream I was having.

There was an excruciating pain in my upper leg. 
I tossed and turned, thinking it was just another inflamed bite from a no see-um.
So, I threw back the duvet. 
A three-inch green shoot was projecting from my thigh. It hurt like hell.
As I watched, it sprouted leaves.
I seized it with both hands. 
With a great struggle, I wrenched it from my flesh.
It came out, complete with bloody, deep roots.
The gaping hole was pumping blood.

Awake now, there was no hole or plant. My wife wondered, if it was a result of my brain lingering on Save the Bonsai?

Back to sleep, I was having an erotic dream.
As happens to often with pleasant dreams, I awoke before it became really interesting. 
Dreams are like that. More is the pity.