Nov. 4, 2018

Don't say you are green till you've done this!

Don’t worry about being too precise. All you need is a means of recording your thoughts.
1. Think back to your infancy. Start a few piles of things that you are using. Maybe 4 or 5 diapers a day go to one pile. Clothes and textiles on another pile. Baby food jars and cleaning products on another.
2. Now, as a child there are more things for your piles, clothes, toys and maybe other things.
3. You move into adulthood. You can start a new pile for the proportion of every car you had. Your air travel can add to this pile the parts of aircraft that could be fairly apportioned to you over a life. Mine’s at least a 747. A huge tank for the gas and oil used by the planes, ships and cars you used as well as for heating and aircon, either directly by you or in your place of work or for electricity generation. You can start new piles for furnishings and all the plastic wrapping, packaging and all that. A tank for household and garden chemicals will be needed.
4. Now, if you are anything like me, imagine yourself sitting atop the highest of these piles and looking over the rest. 
5. From there, contemplate the other piles of your friends and neighbours. If you are like me, yours is likely as big as theirs. Now imagine them all being merged into huge common piles.
6. Now imagine some fields full of all the animals you consumed, not that most ever saw a field. Add fish tanks.
7. Contemplate the forests felled to make room for your property, holiday hotels and for timber used in your houses.
Finally, consider your collective huge piles merged with those of everyone in your country. From the top of your enormous mountain, you can see far. There below are the few remaining Kalahari Bush people, some remote tribes in New Guinea and the Amazon. See, they have no piles of trash at all.
We are all Guilty.
Please share this and let us try to be better in our remaining time.