Oct. 28, 2018

The mysteries of book retailing

Barnes and Noble NY-  As Ivy was spending hours in the shops, I decided to while away the time in a huge branch of Barnes and Noble. The differences between the genres intrigued me, so I'll be looking up definitions. For example, what is the essence of a Mystery? Are the Crime shelves devoid of murder mysteries? Why is Manga separated from Graphic Novels? What is Literature, surely everything?  
The spaces allocated to each genre, presumably reflect either profit per square foot or popularity. Romance has about the same space allocation as Mystery. Graphic Novels have about the same allocation and Manga is additional to that. Are these books about writing or about illustration. Do they indicate a growing section of young people less able or willing to read?
Within categories, the lower popularity in the US of top British authors is reflected in fewer of their titles being on display. 
I was looking for something to read, but unwilling to pay $20 for a paperback. The scale of the store and the proliferation of authors, was such that I was overwhelmed, confused and bought nothing. Searching on line is so much easier. If only we had reliable and swift delivery in Costa Rica.
I went on to Cost Co where books including some by well known authors were on sale for $9 each. Except they carried nothing to tickle my fancy.
This is a good article on graphic novels.