Jul. 1, 2018

Retail Armaggedon

In the UK-
Major department store chains, DIY chains and others are closing or cutting back.
Competition among deep discount grocers and general retailers is forcing competitors out of business and slashing the margins of regular and high end retailers.
Imported and UK sweat shop clothing has become so shoddy and cheap that it is a disposable item, going to landfill.
High street stores are competing with increasing numbers of charity shops.
Fast food outlets and obesity are booming.
We see many home deliveries of groceries in our neighbourhood. Visits to big grocery chains are hampered by employees picking for those ordering on line for home delivery.
Shopping malls are open longer, but often deserted.
The internet is creating a meltdown. Asset stripping, venture capitalists are miscalculating their ability to turn retailers round. Their failures are increasing.
When we return to the UK next year, yet more big names will have gone under. Shopping malls are becoming deserts. Entering yet another discounting, about to close store makes you feel like a vulture. What will happen to the displaced employees?

How will we buy or eat, if the internet fails?