Jun. 7, 2018

Salzburg has a Nazi past.

Salzburg and the Nazis- A nasty secret.

 There was an exhibition at the Salzburg library, about the library’s role during the Nazi era. It seemed to avoid blaming the host population for the massive crowds cheering the Anschluss and Hitler and the Nazi leaders during their visits. It was as though the library and its leadership were somehow the only Nazis in Salzburg.

 A little research showed that there were only a 100 Jews in Salzburg in 1933. It was already one of the most anti-Semitic places in Europe. The tradition started with the expulsions and murder of the Jews in 1492, by the Catholic Bishop prince.


There were only 600 Jews in 2017.

 After WW2 the US occupied Salzburg and the Russians were in Vienna. Part of the early cold war was that the Russians tried to popularise their great composers in Vienna and the US countered by encouraging  Von Karajan, the famous ex Nazi conductor in Salzburg.

 We were surprised how very few immigrants were in Salzburg, given the rhetoric of the Austrian government.