Jun. 3, 2018

Naughty Cardinals.


One of the best fun things in Salzburg was to visit the hunting lodge of the Prince Cardinals/Archbishops of Salzburg at Hellbrunn.
By way of background, the whole area was rich in valuable salt and gold. It became a virtual kingdom, under the Holy Roman Empire, but was ruled by princely aristocratic bishops for hundreds of years. It was tipical for a noble to become bishop at 12 and cardinal at 18 and to live the good life on the entire riches of the territory

One bishop, Wolf Dietrich Rattenau, erected a huge palace for his mistress who bore him 15 children. All of them lived of the labour of the peasants, ruled ruthlessly. He had a high old time.
Markus Sittich von Hohenems, son of an Imperial general, spent the money on Hellbrunn in the early 16th Century.
He developed a water garden, wherein he got his senior subjects drunk, then sat them around a stone table. At a signal, a flunky pulled a lever. A jet of freezing water shot up the bums of guests, leaving only the worthy Prince dry. The whole area was full of sprays to wet his guests. Oh, how they laughed. (Better than suffering in his torture chamber.)
Thinking on this, how would I have been in his position? He was raised to nobility and peasants were there to serve him. I guess I would have been the same.
As I come from a long line of peasants, my instinct would be to line his kind up against the wall. Our choices depend on where we come from.