May. 29, 2018

Suffering at the Sacher

Chris and Ivy decided to celebrate their 25th in Munich and Salzburg.

They chose not to have a party, rather spending it all on themselves. Socialists can be such hypocrites. Aaron appeared uninvited a few times to throw things into chaos.

The Sacher Hotel is world class. Salzburg is so chocolate crazy that the hotel even have chocolate soap and shampoos. Chris smelt like a Hershey bar for days.

 Pictures of famous guests adorn a wall. Bill Clinton with two smiling young women. No surprise.

What? It’s the Dali Llama's picture on the wall? No wonder he is always smiling. The President’s suite there costs mega bucks a night.

The first noble truth of Buddhism is that there is suffering. Was he suffering here, because they ran out of the death by chocolate Sachertorte, when he got the bill, when he had to leave or what?