Apr. 19, 2018

Review-Someone else’s war- Mercenaries from 1960 to the present- Anthony Rogers

Interesting, but hardly inspiring

I cannot remember why I bought this book second hand. Morbid curiosity perhaps. Finally, I read it. The mercenaries described were involved in Africa and latterly elsewhere.  They seem to be cynical, usually sociopathic misfits, keen to kill.

On reflection, that description fits those involved in most military forces throughout history. If soldiers don’t start out that way, the training turns them, especially when they are young and full of testosterone and hormones. It worked on me for a while. The mercenaries seem to be stuck in a particularly murderous groove.

The book describes the background and reasons for the conflicts adequately enough, but rather briefly as there are many stories to relate. The description of the cynical involvement of the UK, French and US governments behind the scenes is further evidence of the bankruptcy of these nations foreign policy, if it were needed.

The writing is mainly a recounting of facts and interviews, not aspiring to any literary merit and not having any.

The book is worth reading if you are interested in the mess that was and still is post-colonial Africa. It adds horror and further detail to what you may have read already.