Mar. 5, 2018

Vegetarians are killers too.

Veganism and Vegetarianism are the ultimate denial of what we are. 

When you cut your hair, it is a death sentence for those cells separated from your body. The same applies to any bodily excrescence.

It is worse than that, as every part of our surface and much of our interior is a universe to benign, symbiotic or harmful micro creatures. They too are slaughtered by the million by acts of cutting, shampooing, shaving or washing. We are walking reefs. Our entity comprises billions of tiny living cells.

Our bodies’ every apparently harmless movement in our environment massacres the lives of others. They are crushed by our footsteps or squashed by our resting hands.

More dramatic ethnic cleansing is conducted in constructing and cleaning our dwellings, producing our garments and growing our food, any kind of food.

We compete with other species for scarce resources. Anything we consume is denied to other creatures. We kill them by our continued existence.

Vegans and other snowflakes are merely in denial of our true natures. We have evolved with teeth adapted for tearing meat, as well as others for masticating grains.

Teetotalers are also rebelling against our true nature too. We have evolved enzymes and digestive systems to cope with alcohol.

It is insane to destroy our environment with plastic waste or in other ways. Yet pretending to be superior by being vegan or embracing other food or drink fads is blowing in the wind.

I wrote a short story based on the idea that there are two ways forward. “Save the planet 1” published in the book Doom, Gloom and Despair”. We meeds accept our role as competing against other creatures.  Suicide is the alternative.

Of course, ending our existence results in the death of the creatures that make up our being. Over time, it saves billions more lives.

What percentage of Olympians and other champions are vegans? Are there any?