Jul. 27, 2017


I have been advised to write under a pen name. For some years I have oftimes been masquerading as Chris Clarke, a respectable resident of Costa Rica. My semi-schizophrenic personality has often led me to believe I am this person. Worse we often get into arguments especially about poor Ivy, who we both claim to be espoused to.

Apparently, people are confused by the spelling of Aaron Aalborg. Chris Clarke is easier to remember. Therefore it seems logical to write under that name for future novels. ometimes 

Sometimes, I awake in the night and am furious when I find Chris, pretending to be me and completing some of my work in progress. I believe, Wilkie Collins, the 19th Century first writer of detective novels, was faced with a similar spectral apparition, when he had taken too much opium.

As Chris is too horrible to behold, I will continue to use masks for his image.