May. 6, 2016

This will be part of the plot for Terminated 2

Religious Buddhists believe that, on death, something of us is reincarnated, somewhere, somehow.
Mahayana Buddhism has many sects. Variously, these preach: ghosts, heaven, hell, devils and other ideas. They seem like superstition to some 

Most of these beliefs date from before the Buddhist message crossed the Himalayas from India. They were part of local folk cultures and animist religions.

Mahayanas have the concept of the Bodhi Sattva. This is a person who has achieved Buddhahood/enlightenment, but decides to stay on earth to help others succeed on the path.

In Tibet, a difficult person, who maybe bumps into you or is offensive, is regarded as a Bodhi Sattva. This person is trying to teach you: calmness, humility, tolerance, patience or other virtues. Were Hitler, Mao and Stalin such?

In this light, we can see Bodhi Sattvas all around us. They are bureaucrats, bad drivers, noisy neighbors, the IRS, Donald Trump and many thousands of others.

In Judaism, Satan has a similar function. He is actually God’s best buddy, sent to test humankind.

I am not a follower of the Mahayana tradition. Also, I am far from Buddhahood. Despite this, I have decided to focus on becoming a Bodhi Sattva. It seems both easier and a hell of a lot more fun.

So, watch out for me. If you really need testing, I might arrange for your demise. If so, it will be in your karma.

Come on Trump. Make my day! Your Karma is to come back as a cockroach. For you this is a step up to a higher form of being.