Apr. 27, 2016


To all who share insights on spirituality, especially on Face book. 

Yes, the sayings ascribed to Gandhi, the Buddha, (as far as anyone knows anything about what he said 2,500 years ago) and all other wise people are interesting. That does not mean everything they opined was either correct or applies to us. Our world has moved on.

Two recent and frequent items are crazy. Especially irritating is the idea that we should forgive and love ourselves. That is mind masturbation Maybe the other kind too. Go for it, but recognize it.

How can any of us forgive ourselves for accepting the world we live in? On our watch, people starve, fight wars with our tax dollars etc. We should be furious with ourselves! Only anger will drive us to act. Otherwise, we will happily continue with our sybaritic lifestyles. That is what turns the planet into a polluted trash heap.

Those who argue that we should see ourselves as beautiful are nuts. We all start to decay and die before we are born. Our epidermis comprises dead matter. On many of us it looks like it. If someone thinks you are beautiful, you are lucky. Believing them is narcissistic crap. That does not mean that some people don't stir one's hormones....(a lot). 

Read 'The Lotus eaters' by Alfred Lord Tennyson  http://www.bartleby.com/42/638.html It's Grrrrreat!