Mar. 14, 2016


We had a great time with the Birding Club of Costa Rica at Monte Verde, a cloud forest national park. A highlight was the night walk. We saw a marguay, like this one.

The guides were great and explained the behaviour of birds as well as helping us to see them. The female resplendant quetzal perched and watched, as the magnificent male was head first in a dead tree pecking a nest hole and then tossing out the saw dust.

Getting there is a drag with 20km of unmetalled road through the limestone mountains, churning up white dust. It was woth it.

Over privileged kids are on 'spring break'. Rather than working as we did, they recieve expensive overseas holidays. They swarmed around the forest trails loudly scaring away the forest denizens and taking selfies.

We come. We see. We destroy. (I include us in that comment). The poor marguay likely got indegestion eating his rat, due to all the torches and noise.