Nov. 12, 2015


Had a chat with the strong Tico, who weekly tries to pull my head off, dislocate my limbs and break my neck. He no doubt likes each satisfying crack. I often wonder if a crunch will be the last sound I hear.
I asked him how one progresses to this advanced stage. How many died in the process? He dodged that one, but told me that some Ticos went home and tried it on their families, with catastrophic results. Mmm maybe it could get you off a murder charge?
I told him of a time in Thailand when I wanted a massage, of the less fun kind. To be safe, I insisted on having it in the health centre, rather than my room.
I was laid out on a table and every bone in my spine cracked and twisted by an immensely strong girl. I kept a tight grip in my modesty towel throughout, though it did add a certain frisson to the proceedings.
Towards the end, when my body felt pummelled into a jelly, I asked, "How long have you been doing this,"
"Three weeks."
Horrified, I followed up. "What were you doing before?"
"Escort Girl."
She did not ask whether I wanted the 'happy ending.'
I arrived home in Singapore delighted not to be a paraplegic. A friend told me that after a similar experience he had permanent spinal damage.