Sep. 17, 2015

Ants, Buddhists and Dolphins

Ants, Buddhists and Dolphins 

In the past, I have had little truck with psychics, seers and telepathy. Several things have combined to make me question my prejudice.

 These include:

1 A report on neuroscience research on Dolphins maybe having some form of collective consciousness.

2. The clearly collectivist behavior of bees, ants and some other insects.

3. Vague memories of the Sociologist Durkheim proposing that humans have common beliefs in a society.

4. Some Buddhist friends who send loving kindness to others and think that a collective global meditation at the same time might influence the thinking of others.

5. Memories of experiments with thought transfer across great distances in Russia and elsewhere, that showed a success rate, greater than chance.

Maybe there is something in all this.  Perhaps it crosses species and that is why some of us save insects that stray into our houses.