Jul. 21, 2015

Writing Insights

Our visit to the UK resulted in various insights. Many of you will already know these things, even I knew some of them.

Good Characters are difficult to create, as most readers prefer baddies or at least flawed ones-Précis of a comment by Iris Murdoch

Few want to read about aged characters- Old people's self image is that they are at least ten years younger than reality. Humans are more interested in movers and shakers than has beens.

Successful writers tend to repeat plot lines and keep loved characters. Adults and not just children love repetition. It also reduces the learning investment for the reader.

Sticking to genre increases the chances of success. Many readers have a preferred genre and so there are repeat purchases by the same readers.

Making readers work may not be a good idea. If you use unusual or foreign words, there is a danger that you: interupt the flow; are seen as setting yourself up as intellectually superior to the reader or just making them work, when they want to play. If they skip the difficult words, they miss the point you are trying to make. This implies accurately judging the intellectual level of the target audience.

Good Poetry, humour and art in a general sense is often based on a new insight into the mundane. The writer needs to make the ordinary extraordinary, by pointing up the beauty, fun or excitement in a common experience or scene.