Jul. 7, 2015

For Beer Lovers

Ivy and I visited a pub in the ancient city of York, an old oak-beamed mead house Its modern name is ‘The House of Trembling Madness’. How could one dine anywhere else?

The beer on tap, La Trappiste, is 7.5 ABV, enough to fell an ox. The shop below sells over 600 varieties of beer and 800 lines of spirits.

They offer shot glasses of the strongest beers in the world priced for billionaires. These are presumably fortified with spirits as beer can only naturally go to around 15 ABV

The names were interesting and creative.

Black Damnation  ABV   26
Tactical Nuclear Penguin ABV 32
Sink the Bismark  ABV 41
The end of History ABV 55
Armageddon ABV 65 (Wow!)

The walls of the pub were sullied with stuffed animal heads, including a poor tiny mole. As I drank my 5th Trappiste these started to circle around me menacingly.