Jul. 6, 2015

Obsession 47

A poem by Aaron Aalborg  1st read at a Christmas Party, only appreciated when drunk, stoned or immediately after a lobotomy.

The most risible word in our language is buttocks. It seems especially so when pronounced with a Yorkshire accent.

Buttocks- Yorkshire buttocks. Version 2

Pert buttocks, scrawny buttocks, wobbly buttocks,

 Lardy buttocks, enormous swinging buttocks that clear the sidewalk of pedestrians, leaving them sprawling in the gutter, stunned.

 Sexy buttocks, gently undulating buttocks, giant man eating, hippo sized buttocks.

 Buttocks struggling to escape from spandex,

 Buttocks half mooning from beneath tennis skirts,

 Fat lady cop’s buttocks, like the Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg moored side by side, supporting a tazer, ammo pouches a revolver and riot stick, as if they alone were not deterrent enough.

 Wizened, wrinkly buttocks, best kept covered.

 Lust provoking buttocks in leather, buttocks in latex, buttocks in thongs.

 Buttocks buttocks buttocks!