Jul. 3, 2015

New forms of Poetry

Haiku originally had 5,7,5 syllables.
I decided to invent a new poetry form called the Manfred, after Manfred Man's famous hit 54321. 
Here are three examples. 
A hungry Manfred
Seeking a good feed
Steak pie and chips
Carrot cake
Ice cream
A sexy Manfred
Asking for a shag
An agile Manfred or Lift off
Challenge gravity
Moderate hop
Running jump
Pole vault
A second new type of poetry, 'The Boaster'
Boaster 1
Too sexy for my car
More handsome than Beckham
I buy champagne at the bar.
Just bought a mansion in Peckham
Boaster 2
I'm so rich
I drive a Rolls-Royce
I sing like Pavarotti
I've an exquisite voice.
Boaster 3
I'm a great writer
Books, poems and blogs
An arrogant blighter
A prince among frogs.