May. 8, 2015

The real meaning of the UK election

What the UK election really means

66% of voters cast a ballot.

Of those that did, 37% voted for the right of centre Conservative party, which has a majority in the Houses of Parliament. Therefore, the UK has a government not supported by most of those who voted. This is quite normal in the UK.

Extremely bad News- The parties that cater to the great British eccentrics won no seats: The Monster Raving Loony Party; The Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol Party and the Class War Party.

Good news- Scotland voted overwhelmingly for the Scottish nationalist party. This means that Scotland is likely to get further independence from the rest of the UK.

Further good news- Two of the three elitists who were vying for power Milliband, (Labour) and Clegg (Liberal Democrat) have resigned their leadership, after catastrophic results for their parties. Both were privileged sons of the elite masquerading as leftists.

Even better news- The United Kingdom Independence Party, UKIP, which is in many ways similar to the US Tea Party and is anti immigration/racist won only one seat. The British National Party, (neo Nazis), received only 1,600 votes in the whole country

Bad News- The Conservatives, the party of the plutocrats and a great supporter of the US as world policeman, can now do much as it wishes.

The Future- Prime Minister Cameron has promised a referendum on leaving the European Union in 2017. This means that:

-       UKIP will not be a factor in a further election, as the matter will be decided before then.

-       Cameron is likely to do a deal with the Scots to devolve taxation powers to Scotland, in exchange for Scots MPs not voting on English matters. This will ensure a Conservative dominance in English politics for years to come.

-       Cameron can use the referendum to squeeze devolution from the European Union and therefore appease Conservative supporters who want to reduce uncontrolled immigration and daft laws from unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. He will use the full force of the government/business propaganda machine, supported by the Scots to win the referendum and stay in Europe.

Bottom Line- It is nice not to live in such a faux Ruritanian democracy.