Apr. 18, 2015

More Whimsical and Silly Poems


There once was a slender New Yorker

She really was quite a corker

She dined on fast food and I know this is rude, but now she’s a veritable porker.


There was a young priest with no hope, who swallowed a whole bar of soap

He belched green bubbles and because of his troubles, they eventually made him the pope.


There was a young man in Nicoya, who was sad cos he had paranoia

He went to a shrink who called him a fink and now he paints darkly like Goya.


There was a young Tica from Escazu

who told a gringo “I love you”.

She was no honey and now has his money

and he dines every night on bean stew.


3 Haikus in 5 7 5 form

Costa Rica bliss

Mountains, sunset red

The green earth trembles


Raging waterfall

Far off flickering lightning

Night thunder grumbles


You are me, I you.

Both part of everything

At one with nature



 Byron is dead Shelley is too.

So shall I be So shall you.


Gin is good, vodka is too.

I’ll drink anything, how about you?


Shall I compare thee to a Martini dry

I’ll love one of you till the day I die.


Auburn hair lit by evening sun

My wife my life my love my fun


Triplet Or maybe a Tiplet

 I like whisky. I like gin

When I’m drunk I’m ready for sin.

It’s me at the door gal. Please let me in.


Enough.  As Dr. Johnson said, on hearing that the Scots could read,

'Teaching a Scotsman to read is like teaching a dog to walk on its hind legs. It is not that it is done well that impresses, but that it is done at all.'


 Ouch! A further black eye from Ivy.