Rants and Observations

Aug. 10, 2018

Is recycling plastic waste as you expect?
The UK media is as bad as that in the US, but has some excellent investigative journalism and documentaries.

Plastic waste has been in the news a lot. Horrible revelations!
1. Much of what we wash and put out for recycling goes to landfill. White yoghurt cartons and black microwavable trays are not recyclable. The big risk is that people will stop recycling, if they think it is a fraud.
2. China exports mega tons of manufactures around the world via Hong Kong. Rather than have containers come back empty, they fill them with plastic waste from Europe and the UK. This is cheaper for waste compamies than sending it to landfill and there are no controls on what is included.
The waste shown included biohazard bags and unwashed food and household chemical containers. This is then handled by unprotected workers in poor Asian countries. There were workers ankle deep in water and handling toxic chemicals. This all leeches into their water table.

Recycled unsuitable waste is turned into casings for appliances and other stuff returning to us.

Disgraceful! Manufacturers need to make all plastic packaging recyclable. Export to landfill should be banned.

Aug. 10, 2018

Collective Consciousness is a theory, first expressed by French sociologist Emile Durkheim in 1893. His idea of 'conscience collective' was that societies were bound together by common ideas, values and morality.

Entemologists have since built on the stronger concept of Hive Mind, to explain the behaviour of bee and ant communities. They often seem to act as a single organism. Each individual is part of the whole.

Buddhists see themselves as one with the universe. It is appealing.

Globally, radically different types of collective consciousness have developed around the world. This also true within countries. Where they clash, there is serious trouble.

Perhaps that is why some resist mass immigration, seeing different and threatening forms of collective consciousness? Others believe in the possibility of integration.

Aug. 10, 2018
Jul. 1, 2018

In the UK-
Major department store chains, DIY chains and others are closing or cutting back.
Competition among deep discount grocers and general retailers is forcing competitors out of business and slashing the margins of regular and high end retailers.
Imported and UK sweat shop clothing has become so shoddy and cheap that it is a disposable item, going to landfill.
High street stores are competing with increasing numbers of charity shops.
Fast food outlets and obesity are booming.
We see many home deliveries of groceries in our neighbourhood. Visits to big grocery chains are hampered by employees picking for those ordering on line for home delivery.
Shopping malls are open longer, but often deserted.
The internet is creating a meltdown. Asset stripping, venture capitalists are miscalculating their ability to turn retailers round. Their failures are increasing.
When we return to the UK next year, yet more big names will have gone under. Shopping malls are becoming deserts. Entering yet another discounting, about to close store makes you feel like a vulture. What will happen to the displaced employees?

How will we buy or eat, if the internet fails?

Jul. 1, 2018


SOCCER and Nationalism

With time on our hands we have watched several games on UK TV.

There is schadenfreude across most of Europe over the defeat of Germany. How appropriate.

All nations enter rampant nationalistic frenzy when their teams play. Nationalists want to stop immigration, usually on racial or religious grounds. Yet, it is plain from the names and ethnicity of the richer nations that Immigrants or children of immigrants feature strongly in the teams.

The players faces look primeval when they are excited. We are so similar to waring Chimps in our angry faces.