Rants and Observations

Nov. 4, 2018

Don’t worry about being too precise. All you need is a means of recording your thoughts.
1. Think back to your infancy. Start a few piles of things that you are using. Maybe 4 or 5 diapers a day go to one pile. Clothes and textiles on another pile. Baby food jars and cleaning products on another.
2. Now, as a child there are more things for your piles, clothes, toys and maybe other things.
3. You move into adulthood. You can start a new pile for the proportion of every car you had. Your air travel can add to this pile the parts of aircraft that could be fairly apportioned to you over a life. Mine’s at least a 747. A huge tank for the gas and oil used by the planes, ships and cars you used as well as for heating and aircon, either directly by you or in your place of work or for electricity generation. You can start new piles for furnishings and all the plastic wrapping, packaging and all that. A tank for household and garden chemicals will be needed.
4. Now, if you are anything like me, imagine yourself sitting atop the highest of these piles and looking over the rest. 
5. From there, contemplate the other piles of your friends and neighbours. If you are like me, yours is likely as big as theirs. Now imagine them all being merged into huge common piles.
6. Now imagine some fields full of all the animals you consumed, not that most ever saw a field. Add fish tanks.
7. Contemplate the forests felled to make room for your property, holiday hotels and for timber used in your houses.
Finally, consider your collective huge piles merged with those of everyone in your country. From the top of your enormous mountain, you can see far. There below are the few remaining Kalahari Bush people, some remote tribes in New Guinea and the Amazon. See, they have no piles of trash at all.
We are all Guilty.
Please share this and let us try to be better in our remaining time.

Oct. 29, 2018

Maybe, and life would continue after massive global warming, just not for humanity. Watching the incredible greed, consumption and plastic waste here in the US, it looks inevitable. As a visitor, it is impossible not to participate. The whole system is designed that way.

It seems inevitable, but other changes could create an opposite effect. The explosion of the Yosemity Caldera, a comet or nuclear war could re create 'snowball earth'. Either way, our species becomes toast.



Oct. 28, 2018
Barnes and Noble NY-  As Ivy was spending hours in the shops, I decided to while away the time in a huge branch of Barnes and Noble. The differences between the genres intrigued me, so I'll be looking up definitions. For example, what is the essence of a Mystery? Are the Crime shelves devoid of murder mysteries? Why is Manga separated from Graphic Novels? What is Literature, surely everything?  
The spaces allocated to each genre, presumably reflect either profit per square foot or popularity. Romance has about the same space allocation as Mystery. Graphic Novels have about the same allocation and Manga is additional to that. Are these books about writing or about illustration. Do they indicate a growing section of young people less able or willing to read?
Within categories, the lower popularity in the US of top British authors is reflected in fewer of their titles being on display. 
I was looking for something to read, but unwilling to pay $20 for a paperback. The scale of the store and the proliferation of authors, was such that I was overwhelmed, confused and bought nothing. Searching on line is so much easier. If only we had reliable and swift delivery in Costa Rica.
I went on to Cost Co where books including some by well known authors were on sale for $9 each. Except they carried nothing to tickle my fancy.
This is a good article on graphic novels.
Oct. 28, 2018
The daily wikipedia landing page fascinates with its diversity of information. You can follow up on areas of interest.
Today is the feast day of Saint Jude. Normally, I don't click on Christian matters, but did. It well illustrates, the utter confusion surrounding all matters of Christianity. For those locked into a rigid belief in the veracity of the King James Bible, it should be an eye opener.


Aug. 10, 2018

Is recycling plastic waste as you expect?
The UK media is as bad as that in the US, but has some excellent investigative journalism and documentaries.

Plastic waste has been in the news a lot. Horrible revelations!
1. Much of what we wash and put out for recycling goes to landfill. White yoghurt cartons and black microwavable trays are not recyclable. The big risk is that people will stop recycling, if they think it is a fraud.
2. China exports mega tons of manufactures around the world via Hong Kong. Rather than have containers come back empty, they fill them with plastic waste from Europe and the UK. This is cheaper for waste compamies than sending it to landfill and there are no controls on what is included.
The waste shown included biohazard bags and unwashed food and household chemical containers. This is then handled by unprotected workers in poor Asian countries. There were workers ankle deep in water and handling toxic chemicals. This all leeches into their water table.

Recycled unsuitable waste is turned into casings for appliances and other stuff returning to us.

Disgraceful! Manufacturers need to make all plastic packaging recyclable. Export to landfill should be banned.