Jun. 8, 2019

Review of Terminated Volume 2 on Amazon.

June 6, 2019

If you like murderous mayhem mixed with an intricate and intriguing plot these two books are just the thing. Book 2 continues the story of Alex, a haunted man of many talents. He is always trying to do the right thing but sometimes it's just not possible. From Hero to Serial Killer is a better subtitle for the book than I was thinking throughout the book. But when I finished, it all came together and made perfect sense.

When I tried to think of the best description for how I felt at the end, all I could think was "thought provoking" which isn't very original, but is an apt observation. I find myself thinking about what it was about Alex that made him so good and so conflicted and, sometimes, so efficient at being vicious. Besides being a haunted human, he is a haunting character who is still stuck in my head. He may not leave willingly.

I am not a Budhhist and have never practiced Budhhist meditation, but I found the techniques in the book fitting for the character. The corporate intrigue and corruption that started in Book I intensifies in Book II. The murderous characters and ingenious plot are sure to keep readers interested throughout. I found it to be a compelling story, and the twists and turns at the end were exciting and, for the most part, led to a satisfying end to the tale.