May. 3, 2019

A Review for the book I wrote as Chris J Clarke

Latest 5 star review on Amazon

Blood Axe- the saga of a 21st century viking, by Chris J Clarke
5.0 out of 5 stars- Full of surprises
May 3, 2019
Format: Paperback

This saga started out surprising me. Yes, it's what the cover says it's about: Viking re-enactments (like American Civil War re-enactments) that go way beyond their original intent. The first surprise was that the original Blood-Axe Vikings were normal, successful, retired Englishmen who were bored merely playing golf while their wives went shopping or to yoga classes.

The reason the whole successful enterprise gets out of hand also surprised me. There were twists and turns throughout that kept me amused, entertained and horrified (in a fun way).

Describing the book without giving away the plot twists is impossible, so just think Terry Pratchett's Silver Horde meets Midsomer Murders in the Twilight Zone. I thoroughly endorse this to anyone looking for a bloody good time.

I've learned to trust that this author will deliver a lively tale that makes me laugh while serving up some truly outrageous, yet frightningly believable, scenarios.