Feb. 21, 2019

Fastest selling book

Cooking the Rich is the fastest selling of Aaron Aalborg's books.

Here is the latest 5 star review.

February 18, 2019


I just finished reading "Cooking the Rich, A Post-Revolutionary Necessity" -- much of which I read aloud to my husband as he was making lemonade. Some sections made me pucker like a sip of pre-sweetened fresh lemonade will do -- and just as refreshing! Some sections made us both burst with spontaneous laughter. This makes good sense in many ways while adding a little spice to your life with some much needed humor to deal with the wealth inequity, corruption and greed we face in this age.

The ingredients of this book: A few pinches of history, a healthy dash of reality, a few pounds of humor, mixed well and seasoned with delightful Monty Python-type wit.

My favorite parts were "The Grace" sections preceding the recipes. As a reformed Christian who was forced to "say Grace" before every meal as a child, these were especially delectable to me. Both my husband and I were force-fed religion growing up, which may be why we enjoyed it so much.

I'm not a cook, but some of the actual recipes might come in handy (using some substitutions, of course) if I ever decided to try my hand at it.

I haven't had so much fun reading a macabre book since "All My Friends Are Dead." Both books were gifted to me (my friends know my tastes), so I'm not a "verified purchaser", but I would highly recommend it to anyone with a wicked sense of humor. Especially if you're feeling nauseated by current affairs, this will sit well on your stomach as you chuckle and chortle your way to the last delicious page.