Terminated - The Making of a Serial Killer

Terminated-The Making of a Serial Killer Volume 1, From the Slums to te Falklands War by Aaron Aalborg

Penman House Publishing is proud to announce the first book of this two part series. It is available now in Paperback and e book from Amazon.


Like all of Aaron Aalborg's novels it poses difficult questions about morality, political issues and human behaviour. Once again, this thriller draws on elements from his own life, mixed in with much else for dramatic effect. It is a fictional biography of a deeply flawed hero. 

The book is in two parts because there is too much action for a single volume. Volume 1 explains how Alex McDonald rises from Glasgow's Gorbals slums to success in business.

His personal life includes a troubled marriage and betrayal. He passes through amateur boxing and karate to become an officer in the Royal Marine Reserve. 

Society accepts training a man to be a highly skilled killer for some purposes. The question left for Book Two will be, what happens when he uses these skills on the dark side of his character? Like all of us, he struggles with moral dilemmas.

In Volume 1,The descriptions of the Falklands War are based on newly released and declassified information. They will appeal to those interested in intrigue and action.

Volume 2 in the series titled 'Terminated- From hero to murderer' is planned for launch in March 2017.

 On his return to business life, Alex becomes extremely successful and wealthy. He finds new love. He deals with the ethical issues and temptations of large businesses as best he can. 

Eventually, Alex is fired by a malevolent board of directors for undeclared reasons. He disappears into a monastery. Finally his enemies are killed one by one. Is he the killer or is it his Jealous former lover? 

There is a surprising twist in the last chapter.