Real events

In 1968, trade unionists, anarchists, revolutionary students and many others banded together to March on the US embassy in Grosvenor Square to protest against the Vietnam War

The police blocked entrance to the Square, but the protestors forced their way through. Then it got nasty on both sides. Mounted police charged into the crowd, breaking heads. Aaron was seized and taken behind the police lines.

Paris 68 It began as a peaceful march, but that was never the plan.

The CIS fired rubber bullets and a tear gas rounds directly at protestors instead of being bounced. This had lethal effects.

Violence has consequences

As the violent protests spiralled towards revolution, President De Gaulle ordered tanks to move towards Paris.

The Revolution Failed, but the struggle continues.

desperation is the precursor for radical change.

In 1968 there were serious riots in London and a near Revolution in France. These photos show some of the incidents described in 'Revolution'.