Mar. 3, 2015

Epilogue to Prologue

This happens to me a lot. I’ve gotta stop it and finish the work I’ve started.

 At a reader’s recommendation, I added an epilogue to The Oligarch. Like most epilogues, this one ties up some loose ends and suggests a future for the family. It is short and mostly, “tell.”

 Unfortunately, the future includes a character that I like a lot. She started out as a “he,” but before the first paragraph finished itself, he had morphed, without surgery, into a big, strapping, beautiful, indigenous, female teenager. She has a mind of her own. What’s not to like about that?

 She arrived with an idea.

The big idea is that this story is written from a single point of view: hers. If I can keep the raucous sex, violence and expletives tamed and get inside the head & heart of a 17 year-old girl, it might be a YA story. But what do I know? Maybe 17 year-olds are into that stuff these days. Big step for an old guy.

I started writing a prologue for her story based on the epilogue of the last. The prologue is in the “show” tradition, all action and dialogue. Backstory is dribbled into dialogue and internal events. It’ll be next year before that book is done, so if I publish the prologue in the next few weeks, you probably won’t remember it when I try to sell you the new book.

 When I wrote the epilogue, she was going to be a doctor. But as the prologue unearths, she has had a change of heart (I think), and may become something else. “Stories” became a compelling part of her life. Maybe she’ll be a writer/journalist, or maybe a female Michael Crichton. All of the above? Stay tuned.

 One of these days I’m going to have to learn to outline before I start writing.