A Dangerous to Read Political Thriller

Aaron Aalborg's novel, Revolution is a frighteningly detailed and credible nightmare of a novel. Some readers see it as a manual for overthrowing today's corrupt and controlling governments. Others enjoy the rapid pace and the clash between the military and the revolutionaries.

It follows the political thinking and actions of three UK revolutionary socialists. They embed themselves in the establishment and plot mass terrorism. Disillusioned with the failure of communism, they develop and enact new and plausibly effective economic and political structures. 

The revolutionaries are opposed by right wing forces. The tension mounts. The action moves from the UK, to Paraguay, to the US and around the rest of the world at a breakneck pace.

Revolution is a must read for those who like action, political thinkers of both left and right and of course would be revolutionaries.

If Aaron mysteriously disappears or ends up in Guantanamo, it will because of this fiendishly devised book.

'Revolution' is available in both Kindle and printed form from Amazon. Buy it here.

Essex University. High density inflamed radical action.

Grosvenor Square 1968

Grosvenor square 68. As the police line was about to break, the police horses charged in and the incidents in 'Revolution' occurred as described.

Paris 68 - As usual, it began as a march, but that was never the plan.

A tear gas round or baton round fired directly into a face, killed. Things became serious.

Violence has consequences.

De Gaulle had the tanks rolling towards Paris, but the revolution failed.

'The struggle continues' and it still does today.

No radical change occurs when most people are happy and prosperous. It occurs when people are suffering, desperate and determined to fight for change.