Jan. 14, 2019

Fiction or non-fiction, there is only one way to write a book!

I’ve read untold numbers of books, endured hours of deadly dull writer’s workshops and listened to other authors expound on the One True Way to write a book.

The fact is, there is indeed only one way to write a book.

Your way.

 As simple and as complex as that.

There are people who plot (plotters) and those who write by the seat of their pants (pantsters).  Both are equally right and equally successful. Making those two groups equally crazy are those who borrow from both schools.  They start from a basic outline – beginning, middle, end – and just go at it. 

 Because they’re people, they are all equally convinced theirs is the way is the ONLY way.  Each adherent then sets out on a crusade to convert the heathens – that is anyone who isn’t just like them.

 People are funny that way.

 There are, however, those who universally drive everybody insane.  Sequencers.

 These are the people who, not surprisingly, sequence their books.  That is, they summarize what will happen on each and every page.

 But no matter which school you follow, the way you get it done, is the only correct way.  For you.

Which one am I?  Well, you guess.