Feb. 17, 2015

Ring the Conspiracy Bell

Prez Obama is plotting to nuke the entire population of the US of A!

Seems President Obama is plotting with that Commie billionaire George Soros to cut loose some almighty hellfire on the USofA and they are going to do it from Air Force One.

“How come?” I hear you asking.  Well, well, ah well, President Obama and that Commie billionaire George Soros, that’s why!

I suspect the pair of ‘em are going to kick the nukes out the door of the plane because the thing really isn’t set up to do it any other way.  A mere detail.

I do have a bit of a problem though. Having annihilated your whole kingdom, what is the point of being the Dark Lord of nothing at all?  I mean in the Dark Lording business, Kim Jun Un would outrank you!  How embarrassing is that??!!

Fortunately, according to no one at all, a small group of high ranking military officers thwarted the attack.  This makes it all true because we’re still here.

Makes perfect sense